Cars You Remember when a Kid

Hey chaps been looking through some old photos i dug out from the attic found some right gems.

My old mans Triumph 2000 CC car it was his pride and joy was member of the car club and everything he changed the paint from original brown to a metallic blue. Does anyone have any images they remember growin up around a certain car? I used to specifically Remember the car having a Overdrive button on it haha





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Wow a trip down memory lane! I remember the Opel manta GTE, the Austin Montego and Maestro (loved the MG maestro turbo) and the classic Capri.

I don't really like any of these cars now, things have moved on so much, and I guess my tastes have changed.

My parents didn't even have a car when we were growing up! :( It was my step dad that taught me to drive and I learnt in a Mazda 626.
My dad had 3 of these triumphs all different Engined.

1 Being a 1500 cc the other being the 2000 and then the 2500 cc
I have pics of the 1500 cc in Maroon

This was back in the 90's When they were just getting rid of 4 Star Lead fuel so he had to get a government grant to convert the car to Unleaded which he hated because 4 star was so cheap by the gallon
Cool pics there PP, when I was a nipper my dad had a Triumph Herald 1256cc in black with a white vinyl roof, well I thought it was cool anyway :embarrest:
My dads ambitions was one day to Own a TR6 but never did which was a shame lol I still got the Hayne Manual for this car :D
hehe this car i posted up did last until about 2001 then he sold it as slowly the costs were mounting up. He sold it to a Stock car racer who raced it in a classic race in donnington park and it won! sadly now it is in Carbureter heaven
As a kid I remember my My Granddads Red Triumph Dolomite, my parents had a white Maxi & then a green Princess. Later on my Mum had canary yellow MK1 Escort & my Dad went on to own two MK1 Vauxhall Caverliers & Carlton Estate (possibly a V6).

My first sports car experience came in the form of my Dad's mate who had a Lotus Esprit in the black & gold JPS colours :love:.

My dad now has a Moggie traveller, a Rover P4 & a P5B Coupe. :bigsmile:
I dug this one out a while back:


And yes that is my old man in it Magnum PI tash and all lmao! He got pulled doing well over 100 in it with me in the car when I was around 3 or 4, and let off. Explains a lot maybe lol. He's had two, got a Mk4 Supra now.
Yeah that sounds like me in the eighties!.i remember my ole mans triumph herald he used to get us 6 kids in the back mum and labrador dog in the front!.It was a squash.

Sounds like a proper game of sardines! Amazing what you could get away with back then ;)
Some cracking pictures there!

My parents never drove so the only cars I remember were those from neighbours, early Mini with pull cord door opening, Rover P5 and my brother-in-laws mk1 Cortina GT.

Back in the day my dad said he was learning to drive whilst still in the Navy, was looking to buy a new Reliant Scimitar as he liked the look of them. However he had a little pools win and decided to use the money wisely and put it down on a bungalow, therefore no more driving and no car! His only steed back then was a Lambretta of which I have no photos :sad2:
I don't have any photos of either but before the Monte Carlo, My mother had one of these, a 1994 Ford Escort LX station wagon. Her's was green and featured a 1.9L SOHC CVH 4 banger and a 4 speed automatic transmission.

My father from 1994-2009 had a 1994 Ford Ranger XLT extended cab 3.0L V6 4x4. I can't remember a day something wasn't broken on it. It was DEFINITELY the most unreliable vehicle we ever owned. His looked just like this minus the bed cover and the visor over the windshield. It had a 3.0L OHV V6 and a 5 speed manual transmission.

In 2009, with the Ranger LITERALLY falling apart, he traded it in at a dealership for this, a 2006 Nissan Maxima 3.5SL. This had a Nissan 3.5L V6 (same one as in the 350Z sportscar), and a 5 speed automatic. It's FWD and a luxury car. It was reliable but we never really liked it.

In 2011, We went and traded in the Nissan on THIS. A 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Work Truck with the LS appearance package. Extended cab, 4x4, 5.3L OHV 300+ HP V8, 6 speed automatic transmission with tow mode.
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MA I reckon My Old mans motor would easily Own a Porsche from its Generation! This car was staggeringly quick it had 5 an a half gears
hey hey easy fella you cant tip something so low to ground what weighs 2 tonnes max speed 125 mph xD name one porsche in 1967 that could do that ??
The red 911 above isn't from 1967, unless of course by "that era" you meant the same era as the Triumph. In which case, I don't care really.

Where are everyones pic of ol' Astra GTE's, Manta's, Spitfire's, Mini's, Escorts...come on!
Sorry chief I meant Mk1's and 2's, Anglia's, stuff like that! I would've expected lots of peoples parents (escpecially of those 20-40) to have had these in the UK?

I like the Silverado though, 300hp V8 y0!
Yeah that sounds like me in the eighties!.i remember my ole mans triumph herald he used to get us 6 kids in the back mum and labrador dog in the front!.It was a squash.

How on earth do you get 6 kids in the back of a herald? I take it you were all small :)
hey hey easy fella you cant tip something so low to ground what weighs 2 tonnes max speed 125 mph xD name one porsche in 1967 that could do that ??

The car in the photos is an L reg which is 1972/3. The 911T of that era had a top speed of 128mph and the Carrera RS topped out at around 150.

Going back to 1967 you have the 911T at 124 and the 911 Targa at 130.
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the best cars from family members are
my grandad had a porsche 924 when I was about 6, my uncle had a 3 brand new calibra turbo 4x4's (company cars) and my cousin had a maestro turbo when I was 15 apart from these cars my family car history is abysmal especially my dad!!
When I was younger there was loads of fast Fords about.
I've got a fair few friends that are still into Fords.
The first car I remember my parents having was a Cortina, then another Cortina then the Capri.
I've had my fair share of Fords aswell from a 1.1 Fiesta to a Granada Scorpio Cosworth you could say that into Fords.
I've even been thinking about another project being an old Ford.
Mk2 Fiesta or mk3/4 Escort or something.

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