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What cars fall into the why did we love it category?

They are typically cars that whilst growing up we loved and thought were really cool but they haven't stood the test of time very well and as we look back we just wonder what the appeal was.

I remember wanting an Opel Manta GTE, they looked great or so I thought. As I look back I wonder what I was thinking?

There was also the MG Maestro Turbo, a really hot hatch that was overlooked. I loved a white one with "wire spoked" alloys parked in our road with a great bit MG badge over the doors.

I also remember lusting after an Fiat Strada Arbarth! A good car by all counts but it just doesn't even raise a flicker of interest from me now!
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My Dad used to have a Fiat Strada Abarth, the first time I saw it I ran away it was so ugly! (I was eight or something), my Mum had a mk2 XR2 in black which I adored, it was slightly modded as well having had the head ported and polished, a weber carb and lowered 25mm all round on standard 13" pepperpot wheels, it was rapid! but she wanted to swap it for a mk1 Golf GTi which she did and then found out a few days later that it was two cars and not one! but it was cheap so it wasn't that bad and at that time she hadn't got rid of the Festa. Nowadays they get decent money for nice examples and I have considered getting another, either that or a Series 1 RST which was top of my list a few years ago.
To be honest I am struggling to think of any as most cars I liked back then I still like now. Maybe my choices were right then as they are now. My parents not being drivers themselves probably lessens what I came into close contact with when new. I remember my brother-in-law having a new VW Jetta GLi which was the booted version of the Golf GTi, now it wouldn't stand out at all, very bland.
I have two.

Ford Capri - Have no idea why I idolised them as a kid

MR2 - They are slow, boxy, noisy things. Wouldn't own one now if it was given to me!

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