Carbon fiber company recommendations?

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London, UK
Saab 9-3SS T9
I have been waiting for over 3 months for a set of wing mirror covers to be remade under guarantee by the Carbon Weezel company in the UK.

The covers had started to lift because of air pockets left in and around the adhesive used.

Numerous phonecalls, texts and emails have seen promised delivery dates made and passed without anything arriving on the garages doorstep.

Looks like another company once good turning bad! :sad2:

I'm not poor and these chaps have taken an awful lot off money of me in the past, with more work to have gone their way which I would like to have been done before the Saab Owners Club International Show in August this year. I mean, I pay my deposit money early and even the final balance early, yet I get treated like this :sad2:

Time to look for an altermative: does anybody have any reliable recommendations to make for a man who is uber fussy about the work done to his car?
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