Carb or fuel injection

Car,s or fuel injection

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I like the sound of carb engines (expecially a webber twin 40) and it is kind of fun twiddling with them but fuel injection is just so reliable, economical and precise giving just enough for the required power delivery that carbs have had their day.
injection all the way now mate.
carbs as said are a pain to set up yes huge power but normally over a shorter powerband

injection better delivery alot better economy and getting more and more powerful

you missed the halfway one with ITB
I miss carbs due to not requiring a laptop to diagnose a fault. Twin carbs sound the mutts but can be temprimental if not looked after. Injection is the benchmark for reliability and performance across the range.

As much as I like fuel injection I can't help but wish to convert my engine to run triple carbs for fun and to get that beautiful induction roar again!
i can see your point of view and i voted for injection , only because its the easiest and most reliable on a street car . This doesnt mean thet i dont love the sound of a turbo charged vacume cleaner which is what mine sounds like at full noise . i run six 44 idf webers ONLY because i am not savy enough to tune an injection set up ( computer eliterate ) or an old guy .
It's virtually impossible to comply with EU emissions now with a car who's engines fuel delivery is metered by a carburettor.

Much like cat converters - they're not a legal requirement (although removing it would consititute a modification for insurance purposes), but you'd struggle to get a car through an MoT emissions test without one.

Carbs cannot meter fuel anywhere near accurately enough to meet the prescriptive needs of a closed loop emissions control system so the cat' would be ruined in a few dozen miles anyway.

Let's face it, diesel engines have always used injection, just by virtue of their methods of operation.

Setting up a twin (or more) carb setup can be fun - many, many yeasr ago my Dad and I played around with a 1983/Y Austin Ambassador with the O-series 2 litre engine which was fed by a pair of SU carbs. The problem is that you need to be tweaking the balance of throttle, fuel, damping etc. almost weekly to keep the thing running smoothly.
There's a lot of truth in that - they can be maintained by us mere mortals.

Fuel injection, though, is very precise and reliable and is generally maintenance free.

Unless, of course, we consider diesel.

The diesel injection pressures are so high that the stresses on the injection equipment are massive. Despite being a fan of high performance diesel cars (and most do truly go fantastically well) the fuel systems are still in a phase of development.

The maintenance and servicing is pricey. So is the fuel. Not to mention the sixty quid a fill low-sulphated-ash synthetic engine oils which is still changed far more often than that of a petrol car.

I know this post is slightly off topic but petrol engines are much simpler to maintain than modern diesels.

I'm not likely to buy a carb fed petrol car - there are very few available anyway.
haft the fun of a car to me is the tinkering ,ive bolted a large vice to my coffee table so i can do jobs while watching telly in the eveings
i have 2 hondas 1 is injection, the other carb, il gladly take the more powerful 1

not saying carbs are bad, their fairly good and bullit proof
Fuel injection has to be superior for everything apart from soul or character.

Personally if a car with character and soul eats fuel, stinks of unburnt fuel, overheats, oil on the drive, misfires when hot and won't start when cold then I'll take practicality over soul and character.

George Bishop, God rest his soul, wrote something very similar in Car Magazine during the late 1980s so I make no personal claim to the sentiment of the above paragraph.

Car Magazine was brilliant back then with such great literary exponents alongside GB as: Phil Llewellin; Rowan Atkinson; and the outrageously controversial Rabbi, LJK Setright.

O for the days when journalism wasn't constrained by political correctness and instead provided information and entertainment in equal and abundant measure.
15 years ago I would have sworn that Carburetters were the way to go, Now I say FI all the way, modern systems are very good and trouble free
A well balanced carb setup would traditionally have exhibited less lag. Notice this is in the past tense. Early FI systems were sluggish.

Carbs are consigned to the history books, although fun can be had messing around with 'em it's unlikely you'll better the results from a modern programmed FI system.

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