car was fine then suddenly open circuit injectors 1 ,2 3 4 now cuts out and leaks fuel 10 minutes after it went to a kwik fit garage for exhaust check


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Hi all

Car is a 57 plate Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 cdti 120 bhp

I took the car to kwik fit 2 days ago to get an exhaust clamp cut off and pre mot checks under bonnet. As he's standing around the car spearks are flying everywhere from his grinder which was unproffesiob=nal now i think of it having an open bvonnet and standing next to it with a grinder with flames flying everywhere

anyway I Got the car back and 10 minutes later could smell strong fuel and it immediately cut out 3 seconds later. I saw fuel around the injectors.
It started right back up with no visible leaks, I have a basic code reader which read injector 1 ,2 3, 4 open circuit.
I cleared the codes and the car drove fine with no further leaking of fuel and no cutting out until another 130 miles then the problem returned as before.. was driving when suddenly I got a strong smell of fuel and 3 seconds later the car cut out .
this seems to be the cycle. seems fine for about 100 miles then problem shows again.

The car drives as normal with plenty of power, it starts fine after being parked all night and the engine sounds perfect with no sounds of injector problems according to a diesel specialist.

I do not know why this problem with it started 10 minutes after leaving kwik fit. I have had the car for 4 years and the engine has never cut out or leaked fuel during my ownership of it.
I know it wasn't a gradual problem as I have never smelt leaking fuel from the car before and I do daily checks under the bonnet it was definitely not leaking and I also had my code reader on it 3 days earlier and it had no codes for open circuit injectors, only code was for egr flow.

Kwik fit deny it being a cause of their actions.

any help much appreciated
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