Car Insurance

You might just get it classic insurance. Go on money supermarket or something like that and get a quote and see what company's it returns.
You may have to limit the mileage though and have a cat 1 approved immobilser.
if the car is eligible for classic car status and insurance it will restrict the mileage you can do per year as it's designed for weekend drivers with a second car
A lot of classic policies have clauses.

Owner and driver must have 2nd car.
Owner is over 21,25 etc..
Car must be garaged.
Agree valuation certificate.
Limited mileage.
The car must be over 10,20,25 years old (most are 20 years old+).
An AX is not likely to attract classic status anyway I sorry to say.

This hard before buying one of these though - they are extremely flimsy. If you are involved in even a modest RTC you're very likely to get quite badly hurt.
with another years NCB i have just managed to get mine back to what i was paying last year on this years renewal. :sad2:
I was doing some random quotes earlier cause I was bored and it completely baffles me?
I did a quote on a Fiesta Rs Turbo Value of £2500 and it came back with £750 something fully comp.
Then I did one for a Primera the same as I had before. Value of £300 and it came back £1200.:blink:
Did one on a Focus Rs 500 for a laugh valued it at 30k and that came back with £1300.:blink::blink::blink:
Same with the Scoob Cosworth around £1300.
How can a Focus Rs 500 or the Impreza Cossie come back only a 100 quid more than 1998 Primera?

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