Car Insurance for modified cars - tips and a guide

Hello guys I'm only 17 and was given a dturbo as my birthday present. It was lowered and at the moment I'm finding it very hard to get insurance anywhere. My quotes have ranged from 10000 to 29000! I am a student and there is no way I can afford that! Any tips please?

Obviously they do not want your business so you may need to consider3rd party property fire and theft insurance so you will be covered against claims from the other driver should you be involved in a crash and drive defensively until you get a bit older when the cost should be lower.
Not criticising this point but just adding some extra info from a case study I had whilst working as a broker.

We had a client who had 4 non fault claims in one year. The car was parked outside her house each time and someone drove into it. It was decided by the insurer that the location of her home and the fact she always parked on the end of the row was a high risk factor and one they wanted to load the premium for. We tried the discrimination route with them but the underwriters were undeterred at imposing terms.

Also as a note to those not in the industry you only truly get a non fault claim if you/your insurers can recover their costs.

Then to clarify the point about adding "dealer options" after purchase. Most insurers are happy for drivers to add dealer options to their car after purchase (wheels, radio, seats, ABS, HID lights and various internal trim levels etc...). The key here IMO is whether the car is modified from it's standard or usual specification. As long as your car could have come with those options from new you should be ok. IF IN DOUBT ALWAYS ASK

My advise when it comes to insurance is to not only ask BUT TO GET IT IN WRITING and keep in in a file as people can have selective memory loss or change jobs and you don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to lodging a claim

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