car hesitation and vibration, please help!!!!!!!


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toyota caldina gt-t
Hi everyone, sorry if this is the wrong part to post, new here
Car: 1997 toyota caldina gt-t
So i was driving along tonight and the car began to hestitate and lose power quite badly when accelerating heavily in irregular intervals (as in it would hesitate, drive as normal for a second then hesitate again) this was also accompanied by bad vibration when driving fast which seemed to be coming from the rear of the car but not 100% sure)

Car has just had new tyres and balancing and tracking was done at the same time, its fine just tooting along, but accelerating its having this problem and im very worried about it to be honest,

So any ideas what this could be, and where to begin my fault finding, really dont have a Clue
Does it happen when warm/cold? Is it at a set part of the RPM range?

It sounds like a failing sensor check Airflow and Lambda. Is it a flat spot, total loss of power or just takes a while to pick up?

When was it last serviced?
Well when this was happening tonight the car was well warmed up following a good 60 mile drive, and seems to be across from 2k to 6k, but didnt look that much into it but will check again, and its had new oil and filter but not sure otherwise, only imported into the uk last month from japan, and thanks glad to be here :)
And the powers there but when it hesitates it loses a lot of power and feels overworked for a second or two, but when the real power loss was felt the car was vibrating a lot
Does the motor have balance shafts and if so it may have a broken belt IF the BS is belt driven
Overboosting can cause this effect as well. Has the car been remapped or modified?

Are you running it on high octane fuel - most japanese cars prefer this and are set up for it.

First up I would get a garage to scan for fault codes which might give you a clue where to start looking, try to find a Toyota specialist though or someone familiar with these engines.
Car is completely standard, and funnily enough the problem occured just after i filled the car up on shell vpower (compared to the regular esso/tesco *#*#*#*# i usually use) there are no fsult codes, so im beginning to believe its fuel stavation as it only happening under heavy load, ive handed it over to a japanese specialist an hes currently taking it out for a spin to see if he can diagnose anything

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