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Hey guys!
So I got a new car recently and want to give the exhuast a good clean, both a little in and of corus eoutside for that shine, but find it's not exactly easy, any tips? :D
Hi Eddie if the tip is chrome or Stainless then a bit of metal polish and elbow grease should do the trick.

Internal exhaust system cleanliness is down to how well your / any car is mapped along with the ability to minimise oil entering the combustion chamber.

FWIW I use a measured amount of injector cleaner every fill to ensure that the injectors are clean and to help keep the inlet tract clean .

NOTE engines with direct injection will have a build up of carbon etc on the inlet tract over time that leads to reduced efficiency and power losses.
Oven cleaner can work really well on exhausts, but not ideal for some chrome finishes so test on a small area first.

A dash of TCUT (Abrasive Polish) with a dremmel or drill polishing tip will usually bring up a nice shine on exhaust tips though.
Metal polish & elbow grease, perfect thank you mate will order some :)
Ah right see inside is a bit more complicated, thought as much, wasn't sure if even possible to clean at all.
and sweet cheers I'll take a look at that drill polish, although it gets so dark so quickly now can't see it often lol, do still like keeping it shiny clean all around everywhere 24/7 :D

Thanks both!

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