car broke


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Well Thursday was a bad day for me. Taking me family shopping and on the way the car cut out and refused to turn over.
Rolled it back on a hill and oil over the road. Crank is bust. Hasn't sent any con rods through the block but its fair to say its knackered.
Been getting some quotes for new engine/rebuild of present one and this is the best deal I have found so far. For 1430 gbp, a firm in London will pick up my car take it to their work shop, strip and rebuild engine and garantee all parts and work done for 5 years and drop it back to me. I've never had to do this sort of thing, so any advice or hints from you lot would be gratefully received.
Cause of failure I think was the swirl flaps failing. It was booked in to have them blanked off in 2 weeks.
Great stuff eh ? No work, no car, someone hide the razors eh ? Lol.

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So sorry to hear the bad news Gee :sad2:

As Yugguy said £1430 does not sound bad for a pick up and delivery from London TBH. Do yourself a favour first though buddy, punch this company's name in on Google and see if you can get any customer reviews or blogs about them first, it pays to know where your sending your baby. Also have a quick word with Prince to see if he knows this company or at least can recommend somebody good with Beemers ;)