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Carmarthen, Wales
750IL 300bhp/450Nm
would anyone be interested in a step by step guide to *wiring* a car audio system, covering headunits, screens, amps, speakers, crossovers, power caps, twin batteries , what type of wire to use, and what thickness, etc.

it would be step by step, but entirely technical - i appologise but i dont do fiberglassing or anything like that, so id hate to try and tell someone else how to do it.

if you think this would be useful/or you would like to contribute then let me know.
Yeah I had a look at them, but they seemed more concerned with what more than how or why.

They are very clear, so I will try and emulate that, but I will focus more on why a particular device is used, and how to wire it. If possible I will include the formulas for working things out, as well as links to online calculators for them.
on you go gansta.
ether post it up in a new thread and one off us will lock it and post it up as a sticky or email it to


i think thats right if its wrong pm me or waynne for the address ive got it somewhere
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could you match up the sizes of the wires along with the guages.

for instance i bought my wires up indvidually as got the stuff dirt cheap (35p per meter for the power ) already had a spare set of rca leads in the house from an old audio setup in my room, remote cable got from work. what id like to know is what guage is my power / earht cable. i think its 4awg had to drill a 7mm hole for the cablt to pass through my box
That's a great idea, as I know it would help a few peeps, as long as they measured the core it would work. Some cables for amps have really thin core, but really thick insulation.

Off topic, are you Scottish or just live there?
the core itself i think was around 5mm cant remember will have a look when i put it back in.

mmmm yes born and bred why? are you welsh ? or just living there ? :blink1::blink1:
I'm Scottish, I just live here.

As for fibreglassing, I'm not a very practical person, that's why do it, there's no equation or formula for a perfect fibreglas install. Its all about the numbers with me, but if love to read a how to if you can make one, or a link to a good one.

5mm sounds like 8 gauge but could be 4. I'm at home now so I can't check.
ill double check it the morro gotta go pick it up from the parents. might have been 7mm cable an a 9mm hole. cant remember as built it a good 4 months ago.

Where bouts in scotland you from ?
I'm from Livingston and my wife is from wishaw. Been down here 10 years now.

Can you think of any other useful data to include, off the top of my head I'm thinking what main fuse to use for what power of system.
not to go crazy on speakers then buy crappy amp / HU thats what ive seen a lot of folk do
buy a 1000w peak sub but run it off 200w (peak)amp
difference between rms and peak as most just look at the peak fig.
fuse idea is a good one, even mention to use a fuse is a good idea and why ? you covered this in lollys post
benefits drawback on serial connection / parallel connections on speakers
" on bridging connections - 4 channel to 2 or even 1 channel
creating a good grounding point ( this has caught me out in the past )
power limitations on the wires - 16 through 0 guage. this will also help people with other aspects not just ICE
thats all i can think of at the min but am still a bit fuzzy from the last few days
I think this is a great idea. I can knock up some calculators based on formulae from you so it will keep all the information in one place.

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