Can you get fast road cams for VTEC engines


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Is it possible to get fast road cams for VTEC engines, or is that the whole point of VTEC that you don't need one as the VTEC does the work of a fast road cam anyway?
There's not a lot of point when you can get the VTEC to cut in at lower RPM's.

As the cams are double lobed they are quite complex to machine and reprofile which might also be why there are not that many around.
My understanding is that when the VTEC activates the cam rockers work/ change over onto the "fast road cam" lobes.

I am new to Honda so happy if incorrect for someone more into Honda engines can explain things better.
That's about right. All makers have some form of variable valve lift, but most change the lift on the standard cam, the VTEC is a really nice system and very simple and reliable.

Some VTEC engines use the extra lobe to open the second valves, turning an 8 valve into a 16 valve others just use it to change the open/close durations of all valves.
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