can i put a turbo in a 1.6 focus petrol engine


Focus 1.6
hi i have a focus and would like to put a turbo onto it, was wonderin how i would go about it, i know it is goin to be a difficult job, i dont want to put a new engine in jus tune it how ever possible, i have look for a step buy step way of doin most of this for myself but cant find one anywhere online, was jus wonderin if anybody can help????
adding a turbo and fitting it yourself would be a long and laborious job, not to mention the cost, its expensive! you would have to be a very skilled mechanic to do this alone asweel, there is a lot of metal work to be done, the install of all the pipework not to mention the fact you would have to change s#*t loads of parts. id leave it NA and just do the usual air filter, exhaust, re-map, maybe even cams.

hope that helps a little
yes it can be done.
but to run high boost you would need to strip down the engine, rebuild it with lower compression and strengthen it. then youve got the joys of mapping it.

running low boost and the cost are just silly for the gains using a turbo, however you may wish to look towards supercharging for low boost
ok thannks for the help i jus want to do it so its a bit of a shocker n that people will not expect whats under the hood, im a mechainic myself but dont know anythin about adaptin a engine i all i know is its goin to be expensive i got quoted bout 5k but for that plus a little extra i could get a st 225 jus wonderin also is it worth the engine modification

thanks for the info so far
tbh honest it would be cheaper just to get the more powerful car and have you thought about the insurance increase by charging the engine ? the reliability of putting the engine under that mcuh stress, remember going by the 225 comment you would basically be doubling your output. drivetrain getting chewed up.
i dint mean puttin the engine in my car i jus ment should i get a st 225 think i have decided on that anyway too much hassle n dont think it would be worth it. thanks anyway guys

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