Can I improve my 22 MPG's


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Hello everyone... I'm pretty new to forums so please bare with me..

I drive a 1995 Jaguar XJ6 4.0 manual and I can only get my MPG's upto 22..

Is there anything I can do to my car to improve this?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, richie.
You could improve the breathing and exhaust. It's a big, heavy car at the end of the day though.

That said my dad has an 87 Daimler 3.6, he was getting awful mpg and it turned out to simply be that the intake pipe going into the airbox was blocked with leaves and stuff. Cleared that out and it was fine. It's always worth checking that your air filter isn't blocked also.
Simple things, use a hotter thermostat and perhaps try placing a piece of card behind the radiator in winter so the engine warms up quicker (don't block the area directly around the fan though and keep an eye on the temp guage.

Max out your tyre pressures, use the manufacturers recommended pressures for a fully loaded car at motorway speeds.

Getting the head ported polished, flowed and a 3 angle valve job should help make the engine more efficient.

Also try different change points, I'm guessing your engine is at its peak efficiency around 3500 rpm so perhaps trying a higher shift point will help.

Weight reduction will also help, take out the spare wheel (see how heavy the wheels are!) and remove any accumulated junk from the boot.
Also avoid cheap supermarket fuel, fill up with a premium brand and you'll generally get another 30 miles or so from a tank. (Super unleaded MAY also make a difference and give better economy.)
Take it to a jag specialist , it possibly something simple such as retarded timing ,weak vac advance , faulty sensor etc . After all your not that far away from the optium .
Apparently other Jag owners say the fast you go the less fuel you use, cant see it myself, & no I wont be doin' that in mine,,over 110,650miles ive got a reading of 21.8, shes only a 3.2 but over the years that's not bad for a REAL engine ,( V8 ). Please, please make sure your chain is changed on time & make sure its the up-grade one , or no more lump..
Driving style makes more difference than any mechanical tuning options.

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