Can anyone help?


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warrington cheshire
vw polo 1.2s
hiya does anyone were i can find or have made a sump guard for my polo it a 03 plate an if so any ideas how to keep it cool cos i dont think u can fit a oil cooler to it. any replys would be greatful thanks.
What do you need a sump guard for and why do you want it to keep it cool?

I only ask because rather than trying to add something to keep it cool (you can fit an oil cooler to most cars incidentally) there might be an underlying problem creating the high temps.

Also, I an probably knock you something simple up at work sump-guard wise but I need a drawing for an idea of what you want, and any idea what metal you want? Don't think we've got stainless where I'm working.
MA has asked the same questions I'd like to know. Why not fabricate a mesh sump guard? It will protect the sump from stones etc but still allow plenty of airflow.
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