can anyone help


scotland, musselburgh
prelude 2.2vtec 4ws
Hi all

i have a 1994 import 4th gen 2.2 vtec 4 wheel steer prelude, the car runs great but the speedo and odometer have stopped working, the odometer stopped at 72999, now a friend of mine said this is a common fault with the odometer but his speedo still worked, does anyone no what this fault is and how do i repair it, im thinking its the vss or the clocks them self but as its stopped at 72999 am not sure.
thanx in advance

First you have to decide if your car is electronic or mechanical. The cable will be black and about 6mm thick running from the dash to the gearbox. It might just be a worn cable or brocken pick up or it might even be disconnected at the dashboard end.

Get yourself a workshop manual, as this saves a lot of the guesswork.
Check fuses, same sort of thing happened to me, I checked all the fuses and they were fine, but turned the car on again and everything was back the way it was, turned out to be loose

I know my car isn't a prelude, but it's worth a look
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