can anyone help me out (Suspension ideas)


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ford fiesta
I need to know what sort of suspension I should use if I want to make a replica road legal rally spec car :confused:

Can anyone help please?
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oops sorry my bad, yeah i want to replicate it, i know that a low car is good because of its low center of gravity, but buying shocks and coils straight from the shop shelf ain't the best thing to do as different cars are different weights/sizes/etc. i just want to no if any one has any experience and would like to share it with me. :bigsmile:
I don't know what spec rally cars use, but you could do the following:

- Polyurethane bushes (better than original)
- Coilovers
- Strut braces
- Anti roll bars

All a good start. Other than that I don't know of any Fiesta specific mods you could do.
cheers i will have a look, and this is for a peugeot im modifiying my ford fiesta is just for getting A to B its to old to even try to do anything to it, but any way thanks for the tips though :p
Which Peugeot model is it? I have to agree with DPS - you do get what you pay for. NB rally cars tend to be about 50mm higher due to the type of ground they traverse. If it is for road use and you want to lower it, don't go too mad as it knocks out the camber setting. Stick to a 30-40mm drop and you should be ok (but this does depend on the model).
the best book i could recommend is PAVED TRACK STOCK CAR TECHNOLOGY steve smith auto sports covers all set up details , brakes , chassis , suspension and alignment .
should be available around the traps good luck
bilstein do the tarmac rally coilovers, they are road legal and a good place to start, if you can't get them then KW do good coilovers as well

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