can anybody recommend me a paint for my engine block


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Hi im looking at painting my engine block satin black but there are so many different sprays on offer I'm not to sure which to go for or is the stuff basically all the same just different prices?
Over the years I have used all sorts of paints, ranging from domestic radiator paint to paint 'designed' for engine blocks. I have even used normal domestic paint and they all worked fine :-) The trick is, IMO, to make sure that the block is very clean, free of oil and grease and treated with a good quality rust killer.

If the engine gets particuarly hot then use either paint designed for engine blocks or the VHT paint used on exhausts.

Make sure block is clean and don't overpaint.
What makes of paint are good and which should I avoid?

Plus is spraying better for this sort of job?
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This is my engine I'm thinking of painting satin black, but looking at polishing the rock covers, the su dash pots, and blasting the main parts of the carbs also replacing all the mild steel brackets with stainless steel brackets


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You won't see much of it, so does it matter? :-)

Same colour as car?
Black is always safe
A lighter colour will alert you to leaks
Ah, you didn't mention that! Even so, black is never wrong and highlights all the shiny bits. If not very careful, most other colours can look tacky and cheap, IMO.

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