cam + head means less power???


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fiesta 1.3 wrc
hello, read in one of your articals that fitting a fast road cam to a ported n flowed head will reduce torque output, why is this? as i have both an it goes like stink, please look @ my profile for full tech spec of the engine cheers
Re: cam + haed means less power???

Hi Bicko - I've seen too many engines stuffed by people getting it gas flowed and then fitting a generic fast road cam. The overall effect of doing both mods in nearly all engines is that it moves the power band up to the higher end of the rev range. This means the engines are left without low down power which is where you notice it the most.

I have seen some recent engines machined on a proper flow bench where the cam profile has been matched to the head and this has seen power gains but this is a very specialised area. It sounds like you were either lucky or had the work done properly.

The grease monkey will go after you have made a few posts - sorry bout that! ;)

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