Cam belt time!


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So Audi have quoted me £349... which leaves me two options:

1) Do it myself, having read the haynes it seems do-able except I'd need to buy a engine lift, making things more expensive. Anyone done one/know any good step by step guides?


2) Get a smaller garage to do it, I'd probably supply the parts as there's no way they'd use the G12 collant, and I'm thinking of going for a water pump with metal impeller. Is this route sensible?!

Any advise would be greatly appreciated! Cheers once again!
I got a local garage to do mine and they sourced a metal water pump for me. If you specify an Audi coolant then a local garage are able to get this for you.

You must replace the tensioner kit etc... as well as the belt.

I would ensure that they use a genuine Audi belt.

Diy is an option but lining everything up is a nightmare and the belts are a very tight fit. For the sake of ordering the tools and the hassle i'd rather let a garage do it for me.;)
£350 from audi isnt bad. VW wanted nearly 100 more for mine
local specialist £305 all done. this should include belt, tensioner, waterpump, fanbelt and coolant flush.

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