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calibra 2.0 ecotec
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another newbie...just got a 95 plate calibra 2.0 16v.... replaced the idle valve but it still stops when ervs drop and only rarely will tick over...any ideas guys ?
Hehe, now we're talking my "Cally" lingo lol. Right, first off, buy yourself a new Air Mass Sensor as the 2.0 Eco-tec one die very easily. Then next on the list would be to take off the Idle Air Control Valve and soak it in carb cleaner or peterol over night to clean it all out. Spray the tiniest bit of lube grease into it so it doesn't seaze and then re-fit to engine. If after these have been done you still have the same problem, let me know and i'll talk you through the other possiblities ;)

Also, does it have an aftermarket Cone Airfilter on? If so, take it off and replace with standard air box and buy an aftermarket PANEL filter instead ;)
My friend had the very same problem on her Calibra and all I did was spray inside the throttle body with the engine running. Her car now runs sweet as a nut.. Hope your prob is as easily fixed as hers was...:bigsmile: Oh and Welcome to Torque Cars......:bigsmile:
thanks guys for your ideas.....already serviced the car...i bouyght on ebay for had been lying in the street or a year or oil, plugs filter etc...replaced the idle valve but still wouldnt tick over.....was gonna replace the MAS but decided to book it into garage for diagnostic.............. from that moment on it hasnt stalled once!!!:) assuming ther MAS was dirty or perhaps dirty fuel going thru , but thanks guys...
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