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What are your thoughts on buying an already modified car or would you only look at clean unmodified examples and them mod them yourself?

What if you saw one that had the mods on that you would have done anyway?

There are some good modified cars out there but in my experience those that are selling modified cars are often doing so to avoid expensive bills or problems later on. So for that reason I'd look for a clean car and then do what I wanted to it and make sure it's done to my exacting standards.
As a generalisation people that mod their cars are enthusiasts. I would ask them why they are selling? I would want to take the car to a mechanic, one who hasn't seen the car before, and ask for an inspection taking into account the mods.

My Scooby had just a remap when I bought it. The first thing I did was take it to my own mapper and got it overwritten. That was a mod I was comfortable with. If there was much more I may have walked away.

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