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Insignia SRI.
Anybody else watch it at the weekend?
Some great racing it has to be said. Old Plato was moaning that it's a waste of time him racing unless he starts at the front because he was struggling to keep up with the Turbo'd cars.
Is it just me but don't these cars sound bloody awful this year?
It is a valid point as they are supposed to be fairly equal in performance but that is definately not the case. Seems daft them running both specs as from the nasp cars tyre wear in comparison in trying to keep up shows there is some divide there. Plato is known for conserving tyres but in these races he is destroying them trying to keep pace.
I agree TN the cars sound terrible, I've consoled myself with most of this seasons Aussie V8 Supercars and Utes :bigsmile:
Yea the V8's are awesome, love watching that series. The one staged in Hamilton was fantastic.
missed this weekends action. Seen the f1. Plato has been moanin bout that for the past couple of races. The bmw's wont be there for long as they just dont have the pace of the turbo crs.
It 'good, because it's supposed to be fairly equal in terms of performance, but certainly not the case.
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