Broken timing belt


London uk
Insignia 2.0CDTI
The timing belt on my B20DTH (LFS) 2.0ltr Diesel engine slipped when the engine was doing over 2500 RPM.
I heard the pistons hit the valves,the engine just spun over as if it did not have any compression.
the belt was replaced by the main dealers but the engine. Only ran for 12 hours then would not start again.
The head has been stripped/cleaned there was no damage to the valves pistons,guides,followers or tappits.
my question is as this engine has assembled camshafts fitted would the lobes have taken the hit and moved.
the car has been on a rolling road and the graphs are all moved to the right by 400RPM ish
any ideas? Thanks
I am pretty sure if you have an interference engine (and most Diesels are) that some serious damage would have been done.

Something doesn't add up. I would go back to the main agents. If they are responsible for servicing your vehicle a belt change should have been done at 60k miles. My guess is it has been missed.
This is typically caused when the cambelt alignment is out. Does yours have the adjusters on the cam lobe where it takes the belt to alter the cam position? Variable valve systems adjust this automatically so it might have just messed up the variable valve timing if there is one on those engines.

Manually check for TDC and check the alignment of the cams from there. I doubt the cam lobes would be damaged, it's more likely to just be a misalignment in the timing or the cam pulley itself.

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