Brakes - advice required


England, Exeter
2.2 vtec prelude
Hi, I currently have a H22A, BB4. I have been using up until now, mintex extreme pads and standard discs. I have come to change them and it appears I cant get these any more without specially ordering for an exorbitant price. Could anyone recommend, from experience a good quality disc and pad. I need them to work on fast road and track as I use the car for sprints.
Thanks Ash
hi and welcome to the forum

try autoparts warehouse, if that fails try the parts train

the bb4 has no abs so you do need good brakes

hope this helps
Hi, thanks for your reply. My problem is not necessarily sourcing, more a question of which manufacture and which specific type. If you have any suggestions I would be grateful.
Thanks Ash
Can you get Pagid pads for your car? They are pretty good. I don't rate the EBC stuff although the forumulation has probably changed now, they were a low brake dust pad though which is a plus.
i looked at them as well last time round as well but at double the price of the mintex pads after paying out for the callipers, discs and brake lines i decided to save £50 and go with the mintex.

think ill give them ago this when i change them
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