brake vibration


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Hello everyone,
i hope you're all right - especially under the current weather conditions and with summer tyres :)
there's quite an unusual issue that i've just encountered - or so it seems. i've been going on approximately 5-10mph on an ordinary road just outside my house - the only difference between it and other roads that it was covered with ice or very firmly flattened snow. so, i decided to test the brakes and the overall slipping of the car on these driving conditions - just to know what kind of road am i dealing with and when i pressed quite firmly the brake pedal the car started slipping and a very apparent vibration went through the braking pedal with the sound as if some sort of metal parts were grinding into each other. the frequency of the vibration through the brake pedal was approx. 6-12 times per second and the sound of it was pretty apparent inside of the car. i've repeated the whole procedure again but with windows down in order to hear how it sounds outside and the sound was less than that inside. I assume that there might be various braking sounds and feels depending on the weather and road conditions, but what i've encountered with does not seem to be right. or is it? the car is audi a8 and it has several standard traction and braking control systems installed. maybe one of them is showing some faults?
anyway, i will bring the vehicle for a detailed front and rear chassis inspection and i am sure that the fault will be identified and rectified. despite that i would really like to hear your opinions and suggestions on this matter :)
thank you :)
yip its the abs pump kicking in.

see this is what i meant in the snows on the way thread. you lot down there dont know how to drive on snow or ice thats why the city ground to a halt

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