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We've just been on holiday for 2 months and my wife finds that the stop lights remain "on" even when she is driving.

The car is a 2006 Peogeot 206 GTI 180

Sometimes the lights go out, but, most time remain on.

Any suggestions as to a cure, or, what is wrong?:blink:
Pedal switch is the most likely. If it's anything like the 406/407/607 there will be two switches, both have to work correctly otherwise cruise control is disabled. Is your cruise operating correctly?
OK - it's still likely to be a switch problem. Manual cars can have cruise control btw, I have have one previously and my current manual Passat has it. Obviously usage is more limited than with automatic transmission.
Thanks for the reply. I do realise that manual cars can have cruise control. I have had a number of cars with it.

There does not appear to be any form of switch associated with the brake pedal. I read somewhere that more modern cars have relays associated to the hydraulics, but, I can't find these, as well.
^ ^ Yes I remember it being being hard to get at on my 406 ^ ^ Local Peugeot specialist managed it by lying upside down in the driver's footwell poor bloke. Better than Peugeot's offer to remove the steering column.

I have heard of brake light switches integrated into hydraulics but this I think is largely obsolete. The last time I encountered this was a Series III Land Rover built Circa 1976.

Of course with modern machinery that has pre-emptive automatic braking there will be additional means to trigger the brake lights but this will be derived form the ABS ECU or central ECU directly.
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