Bora handling...bad or good??


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Focus 1.6 zetec 5dr
Hi. i want a vw bora for my first car (i think!!!) i would like some opinions on how it handles. and how does it compare to a focus 1.6 zetec ( might get one as a hand me down of my mum). Thanks.
no worries am sure alot with focuses will be along shortly to tell you how great they are.
sure the bora can handle well but youll need to spend probably close to a rand to get it
The Focus zetec is a superb handling car for the simple fact they come with sports suspension from the Factory.
If you have a choice between a Bora and a Focus and you want a car that handles then the Focus wins hands down.
in my opinion a saloon will always look better than a hatch...


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imo a coupe looks better than both ;) not that im biased or owt...... :)

Bora v5 4motion will outhandle a focus... but thats not really first car material!
depends on the coupe, you get the looks of the saloon with 3 doors which does look better

v5 is FWD only the V6 got the 4 motion so even less chance for a 1st car
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