Bora engine conversion


i was thinking of doing an engine conversion for a vw bora 1.6l to ethier an r32 engine or 2.8 4motion engine?
would that be possible and how much am i looking to spend roughly?

yup it is possible. ive been following someone who has just dont exactly that started as a 1.6 and is now a supercharged 3.2

youll need the engine, wiring loom, ECU, gearbox, front suspension,
brakes- your 1.6 will have the 256 or 288mm disc. the 2.8 uses 312mm and the r32 334mm. unfortunaltly the smaller engines everything other than the 1.8t and V5 and 6 comes with different hub carriers and wont allow you fit the larger discs. look for the hubs from the later 1.8t, octavia vrs, seat leon cupra should be able to pick these up for around £100 including callipers and carriers. if you get them off the earlier 1.8 (<2002) then they will have the same hubs but only the 288mm disc you will need the bigger discs and find the carriers for these. another option is to fit porsche 996 calipers on ;)

you will also need someone who has vagcom and vag tacho to match the immobilises codes in the ECU, clocks and key.

good thing about this is both the 2.8 and 3.2 use the haldex controlled 4 wheel drive. now to fit this will cost alot as you will need to fit the rear floorpan from the 4motion bora. now lucky that you can still fit the 4motion gearbox but not have the propshaft connected
this is also supposed to be a good box as the design of it means that both shafts are close to the same length meaning that there is little torque steer.

it is a lot of hard work but doable
cheers mate, thats very useful information and im sure its will help me alot when i decide to do the engine information. im jus wondering if it is too much to ask about what the prices of all these changes will cost and how much all together?

cheers again and thanks for the help
not got a clue mate, finding the 2.8 will be pretty easy but its more likely to be from the golf, its the same enignes, as v6 boras are rare.
if you find a decent scrappy i wouldnt be surprised if you can do it for under a couple of grand using uprated parts such as decent suspension and brakes for example
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