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Hi, Recently bought a bog standard Bora 1.6 SE as it was/is immaculate, one previous owner and FSH. So I was quite pleased until I went on my first long run with it.. and found the Body roll just wrecks an otherwise comfortable ride. I think I need to do something very soon to improve/reduce this problem but I'm on a tight budget. Would a front shock change be enough on it's own? Just a reduction in the wallowing would be a start.Thanks.
I have a Bora PD 130 and mine rolled like a barge until I fitted some JOM shocks and springs - you don't need coilovers, you just need shocks and springs and you should be able to get both front and rear shocks and springs for about 150 quid if you search.

They are cheap, but seem ok, they're big in Germany but unknown here, I've had them on for about a year, they lower about 30mm, and they have transformed the handling without being rock hard. I also was on a tight budget. The only faults I've heard about with them are that the rear suspension can sometimes squeak a bit. mine did for about a week and then was fine.

if you can't find JOM these lads do loads of other suspension kits:

Apart from JOm I've only had SPAX in the past and I found those far too hard.
agreed the Bora was set as a cruiser rather than a sports car.
nice call from Yugguy about the springs and shocks rather than the normal answer or coilovers you will get.

JOMs are a cheap setup and there have been some reports, as yugguy has said, about the rear shocks squeaking. they do however come with a 2 year warranty

personally im looking at the Konis but they are around twice the price of the JOMs

and welcome to the site mate
Thanks yugguy and pg, I'll take a look at those Jom shocks, if they do the job I can live with a sqeak or two! cheers
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