BMW Series 3 E90 318i


BMW 3 E90 318i

I have BMW series 3 E90, 318i 2007.
Engine has been "generally" rebuilt, new timing chain, valves, kept same pistons but replaced piston rings, rod bearings etc..

However I am considering building a turbo in it. I do understand this is not the best and the strongest engine, but I doubt nothing too big of turbo could destroy the engine?
I am worried about MAF sensor(s), fuel injection, injection timing, air flow etc..

Well honestly, I am worried about everything so any constructive criticism/feedback will be helpful!

Thank you!
Compression ratio will be your biggest hurdle, fitting a low boost supercharger seems to be the way to go.

You'll also need to get the timing spot on, as the extra boost will push you to the limits of knock and preignition.

Water injection can be used to help minimise this risk.

Did you find our adding a turbo guide on the main site? It covers all the main bases and saves me having to write pages and pages everytime this topic crops up.
I have a older 1996 but with a similar motor. 318ti 1.9L. My research also led me to lean towards the route of a low boost supercharger set up. Have you looked into which turbo you would get? Would you be doing the install yourself? If you're paying someone to do it then just know that a turbocharger is way more labor to install PROPERLY than a supercharger set up is. Small superchargers that I can recommend you look into are the AMR500, or Eaton m45.
Hi and welcome, there are a number of other post covering this subject, all full of advice, but yes a supercharger would be a much better prospect. Spend some time researching the subject. With the supercharger you need bracketing. I'm not a BMW person, so can't comment specifically on this side of things, but there are others here well on their way, so they may be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck.
How are you getting on with this project? Has your research resulted in a plan or are you still formulating ideas and costing things up?

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