BMW E36 X-Brace (Suspension Modification)


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Hi all,

I've had to explain what this is a few times recently so thought this post may be helpful.

What is an X-Brace?
The X-Brace acts as a front lower strut brace.

How does that improve handling?
It improves the rigidity of the front end. At high speeds the car feels more stable as a result. The front also has less flex, meaning turn in speeds can be higher.

Where can I find one?
They were an extra fitted to E36 M3 Convertibles.

How much does it cost?
You can pick these up second hand for around £50 (I did!)

What does it look like?


If you have an E36, get yourself one of these as it really does make a difference, and for such little out lay.
Im looking to add this to my car very soon. Im on the search for a used one now. The way Im going about it is to find one at a parts yard. e36s find their ways their quite a bit. They came on the z3, m3, and any e36 vert.

My issue is going to be mounting them to my 318ti. As they didnt come with them as a factory option I have to drill in the nutserts and retrofit the install.
To my way of thinking they were fitted to the convertibles as a body stiffening fix and would add additional body rigidity to your sedan/coupe.

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