BMW 540i turbo?


BMW E39 540i
Hi my name is George,
I just recently joined the forum to try to get any helpful, useful advice for upgrading my car. I have a 1997 BMW 540i/6sp and I want to turbocharge it, any ideas or suggestions? Thanks
bit worrying that when you exchange $650 to pounds it is £396, now factor in the intercooler and pipework is going to cost around £100 your getting a turbo for £300. seems it may be a cheap china turbo. remember you get what you pay for.

try looking for superchargers easier to plumb in. dont think you should have issues with compression as i think the BM V8s of older days used low compression anyway
Thanks guys(Marti5 and Pgarner), i'll consider those options, of course I certainly wouldn't want anything from china for my Yesterday I was browsing the web for solutions, and I think I found something convenient, a remote turbo, its a turbo system mounted in the back of the car,-with amazing results, the most common kits are the STS kit, check em out on youtube, let me know what you think, Thanks.
oh i see, well i havent decided what im getting yet, i am looking for a 200-250 HP boost for my e39, but i dont know what turbo setup would be best, and i dont know what size injectors(**lb or cc/min) i'll need for a 200+HP turbo setup, any advice anybody?
for 200+ gain you will need deep pockets and have to rebuild the engine using much stronger parts - rods, crank,pistons would be advisable as well seeing as your already pulling the engine to bits.
gearbox and clutch would need to be stronger, rear diff might also need done
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