BMC CDA induction Kit wanted

Yep. I sold the car it was on, so that's why it's for sale. You won't do much better for an N/A engine without spending silly money on a Gruppe M or something, which I doubt they make for your car anyway.
It was a bit expensive because I paid Talon Sports cars to build it for me. But It was money well spent. :bigsmile:

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It does pay to shop around, I can't remember where I bought mine from but I can remember that CDA prices & elbow prices did vary a lot. You may also want to factor in ectra money for a length of cold air ducting, depending on where your fitting the filter of course. :)
It should offer decent gains on the 1.6 as the standard intake has a nasty restrictor pipe from the intake snorkel to the air box so removing this alone should provide an improvement, these kits are supposed to be better than the Piper cross viper, I suppose it's down the filtration element more the the kit it's self

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