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A4 S-line 170 brd
Hey guys,
New member here, in the last couple of months I've acquired two audi A4s.
The first is a 55, 2.0 140 BLB, EGR blocked and pipework removed with a map to suit also a 170 turbo.
The second is an S-line 07, 2.0 170 BRD standard. I've got the dreaded low oil pressure but have no worries about changing the pump shaft. Whilst I'm doing said shaft I'm going to drop the dpf and block the egr. Naturally a map will follow to finalise the mods.

My query is, as I am sure I've read but can't find, the injectors from the 140 are better than the injectors in the 170.
Are the injectors interchangeable?
Does the 140 ECU need to come with the injectors or can they be tuned adequately in the 170?

Also are there any other oem mods applicable between these engines? I.e. intake manifold

(Edited to add extra info)
Hello and welcome Wolfie |B

You will or should only need to change injectors if they can't flow enough fuel and that can only be accurately determined by testing on a dyno or rolling road as you guys call them.

For safety the maximum DC (duty cycle) @ WOT(wide open throttle) is best kept below 85%
Hey TCJBOLDIE, Thanks for the welcome.

I thought I'd read the 140 injectors are 'tuneable' to 200% whereas the 170 injectors aren't.

I'm looking to potentially go down the route of a bigger or hybrid turbo assuming my current one is lunched.
I've replaced a few of the pump shafts and every time I've had to replace the turbo shortly after.
With that in mind I'd like to use the best of what I've got without spending silly amounts of money on it. So far both cars owe me less than £1500. If I can keep the 140 usable then I can flog that so recoup some money haha.
There were Siemens and Bosch systems, these can't be easily swapped over, but to confuse matter they did use both on the 140 and 170. Generally though the DPF engines use Siemens injectors and ECU.

I would have thought the oil pressure issue is caused by poor quality oil cooking inside the turbo, when you strip things down, make sure you check the turbo oil lines are clear or you'll have wasted your time.

You need a fuel pump that can feed the injectors with the fuel they need and I would recommend you source better performance injectors rather than pushing the factory ones to '200%'.

You can usually map and tweak the 140 to 170 and it will be more responsive and better IMO than a 170. But it does tend to top out a little over that, mainly due to the turbo restrictions.

I'd take a 200% claim with a pinch of salt, VAG wouldn't over engineer something to that degree and then use an alternative on the 170 if there wasn't a reason.
I'm fairly sure the OP issue is down to the hex key, when it came in I could hear the tell tale noises from the bottom end, ive changed a few.

The car has been serviced by the same garage for the last few years and always had 504-507 along with good quality filters. Its currently on 180k and been well looked after.

You say they can't be swapped easily, that means to me that they can, do you have any information or can you point me in a direction that may help me?

Has anyone 'built' a fairly high horsepower BRD engine using OEM parts? And documented it in a build thread?

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