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fiesta 1.3 wrc
hi wayne hows it going mate not had access 4 a while sins i put the engine in iv poped a fuel pipe, shattered a clutch and snapped the drivers side drive shaft! and its still being run in! not good at all ey i suppose evry race engine has its teething problems
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Thats the way it goes bicko! Glad you are back in action though. Is it the engine or the driver that is causing the problem (Sorry i'm a bit late - i've been away!)
Alrite wayne hows it going, not been on in a while cos not been able 2 get the net another 3 driveshafts later im starting to wonder if somethings out slightly, youve not heard of this hapnin before have you?
are the mounts sitting square ?
have heard of this after swapping another engine in where different mounts had to be fitted. the engine was sitting out by 1" on one side causing it to chew driveshafts
Hi buddy and welcome back. Sorry to hear you are having trouble with this. Are you using standard driveshafts? You might need something more beefy.

What is the diff you are using? Are the angles of the driveshaft to wheel within normal tolerances? I've seen lowered cars destroying driveshafts. A heavier engine is sometimes enough to change the suspension geometry and cause this problem.
hi there, the vehicle has been lowered on gmax springs, everything seems to be square its costiing a bleedin fortune in driveshafts,
Methinks it's time to get some heavy duty driveshafts made up. Carbon fibre is the best but really expensive.:(
yeah been thinking bout billet steel but it shudnt do it in the first place, they use the same driveshafts on the 1600 zetec models?? they also use a one piece, thicker jobbie, wondering if this was a factory modification?

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