Biggest lap time improver


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What is the single biggest factor that reduces your lap time the most?

Is it power, Grip, Acceleration, Top Speed, Driver skill, weight loss, Transmission/Gearing/Diff or do they all play pretty much an equal part in performance in your opinion?
Oh come on Wayne. You cant ask that. You have to at least put a price limit on it. e.g. £1000.:bigsmile:

I would say a good set of tyres.

Others would say brakes.

Others would say some stiff suspension.

If budget was so issue...... Que a big list. :toung:
Driver practice is the one area that can always be improved.
You can spend as much as you want on any car but it's pointless if the driver can't drive.
This is a no brainer The three most important improvements that will reduce your lap times are:

1 Driver training
2 Driver training
3 Driver training

Shocking as it may seem, we all start out crap on the track and don't get much better until we realise that we are crap and need to be taught how to drive properly.

A trained driver in a standard car with ordinary road tyres will run rings around the knowitall with all the gear but no idea.

Get training, the best value for money there is.

Update - Damn, TN nipped in whilst I was still typing :)
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I don't think this is what Wayne is asking. Of course, practice makes perfect. But what will improve once you know the track like the back of your hand.

You might have a local track you have achieved more than 50hours exp over the years. Now you might be looking to improve your time..... :blink1:
In his question he mentions driver skill, so it is part of the question :) He is asking what is the most important and I still say driver skill trumps everything else.

Knowing a track like the back of your hand is not much use if you don't know where to brake or what line to take.
Agree with og here.
I know countless young lads that have recently past their tests and because they know a stretch of road think they are driving gods down it. When in reality they may know the road but without a doubt they do not know the quickest way to get from one end to the other.
At one time of day I thought I was a quick driver, then I had a passenger ride in a mgzr rally car an I was astonished. It soon put me in my place. The speeds the professionals can do is unreal.
Instruction from a pro and practice everything ,lines, trail braking,finding you & your cars limits and then work on finding/learning how to improve them.

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