Big Hello From Me And Vicki


Audi Sline 2.7tdi
Hi Guys,
Been away from moding of cars for nearly 20 years due to giving my kids every penny rather that my car.
But I am back on it now..... My project I had the fortune to aquire yesterday is an Audi A4 sline 2.7 TDI.... Been out the loop like I said.... Really after advise as to what mods I can do to my new child... Love the style of the body...its the estate version. Have some lovey 19 low profiles that I am getting refurbed on Tuesday.
So Remap? Exhaust, Chip? Intake? Brake up grades as noticed brake fade?
Would anyone recommend dump valves?

Thank you for even reading the post guys
Hi and welcome :D

It's good to see that you have your priorities in the right order with your family first attitude and now want to enjoy your car so it would help us if you told us what you intend to do with it . Daily drive only ? then ss brake lines with good pads will be fine but if tracking then like I have done, a spare set of wheels with semi slicks plus a big brake conversion better dampers and track based suspension settings and adjustable ARB's should be on the cards.

Not knowing your driving background some additional track based training would be on my list.

Freeing up the exhaust to a more free flowing one is always helpful and the results depend on how restrictive the factory system is

Would highly recommend flushing the brake fluids as well.
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Hello and a very warm, welcome to TorqueCars from me the admin!

Sorry for my slow reply, it's been crazy busy here coping with lockdown and looking after the family. Hope you are doing ok.

Remap and exhaust yes. Intake probably not and don't do a dump valve, these blocks do not like them.

Keep reading the articles on our site and this forum... you'll pick up loads of good common sense tips and don't be afraid to post questions, were all here to share our knowledge and experience.

We run a really fun and interesting car community and many have said we're the friendliest around, always ready to help out where we can.

Enjoy your time with us, post loads and feel free to ask any questions or begin new threads and discussions. We're always interested to hear your comments and views on our existing topics and in the hot polls.
Thanks guys for.your advise. Stage 2 remap.completed with K&N pannel filter. Not much in regards to pulling away.. but the rev range now is brilliant. Normally loose power from 3 1/2 - 4 thousand rev... now goes right through to 41/2 could probably pull for longer.
Been advise the get a catch can as up.

Make sense ??

Again thanks
Catch can is a good idea, but not essential. Avoid short journeys and give it a good spirited drive once in a while and you'll be fine!

Remaps are all about improving the power band. Put too much a the low end and you'll just get wheel spin so it sounds like it's been properly setup.

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