Big block temp. problem


Rhinelander,Wi USA
1965 chevelle 396
I have a 65 chevelle with a 396 high horse motor. Problem is controlling the temp. On 10/12 I ran across an article that described my exact problem.
The cure was an electric water pump, inline, and all the belts and pulleys
would stay the same. I'm looking for someone to talk that my have already gone thru this problem.

If you can help, please contact me. Thanks JR
Have you tried an oil cooler? Which oil are you using? Are you currently running with a stock water pump?

Electric water pumps are great, no drag on the crank and they flow according to temperature and not RPM. The downside is that if they fail there is little warning

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Thanks for your reply, I'm using Shell Rotella T oil, no oil cooler. Yesterday I went to web site and saw an article talking about my exact problem. The cure was an inline water pump. It was a great article, but it did not talk about the part # or source for the inline pump. If I could find that, I think I would have my fix. Thanks JR
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i had the same problem of making a lot of tempreture and not being able to dump it . this was manifest from the fisrt run in the car , i purchased a large craig davis 12v water pump which had addaptor sleves to allow for different size hoses . i removed the water pump amd manufactured an alli plate to cover the opening with an inlet at the position of the old impella . a very easy install , works great and i can leave it running after stoping the engine ( fitted with alli heads , so i worry about droping the valve seats ) PLUS WE DONT LOOSE HP FROM THE OLD DRIVE see YOU TUBE ... Jaguar XJS V12 at JCC of WA Track Day ...THE PUMP IS FITTED ON THE PASSENGERS SIDE

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