Best upgrades and refreshes for 306 1.4 2000


2000 Pug 306 1.4
Good day all!

Very much looking forward to owning what was my very first car again, despite having a new car which i find boring :lol:

However i only had my first 306 for a short time so i did not have time to discover anything on these that is known to fail or wear quicker than most other cars etc so there is my first enquiry.

Buying from someone that has unlikely looked after it as well as everyone on here would, is there anything that would need my attention/replacing straight off the bat as a "just to be safe" measure. Hoses, brakes, sensors etc.

Secondly i would like to eventually upgrade where possible, not for boy racer levels of noise etc but just something that makes the drive and response feel crisper and less...2000-ey. Not such things as £1200 brakes or £600 suspension systems, just subtle yet effective swap outs or replacements.

Any advice on either question would be highly appreciated :D i love you all!!!
The 306 is a sweet little car for sure I love them (I've had 3 of them)
Things to keep an eye on repair and maintainance wise is the suspension joint and bushes. They seem to ware a little more than most cars so listen to any weird noises or knock. Also make sure your cooling system is in top order because the radiators do like to silt.
After that it's pretty obvious what else is do I g really.
Mods wise....engine mods aren't worth doing. It's a small engine so any money spent wouldn't gain much.

Plenty of handling mods to go for, you're always better off doing a full suspension kit instead of just springs.
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