Best parts/engine for turbo?


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Ok, so what i'm looking to find out is what engine, or block/head, would be best to put a turbo on and a lot of boost? (10+ PSI)

I'm not looking for a $15,000 engine or anything here, so it needs to be cheap. Around or below $3-5K is what is ideal for me.

I've been looking at H22's and i've heard that they are good engines to turbo.
I also know that B20's are lower compression engines and would be better for turbo than the 10.0:1 H22, I just don't know how strong the block is.

Could I even use a stock block, or would I have to find something aftermarket?

I need as much help as I can get here. I can't get much help from anywhere around where I live as there aren't any real big tuner people in my area.

VTEC engines are usually high compression so not ideal for a turbo. What you do depends on your resources and your skill.

I can't remember the specifics but you can mate a non-vtec B series block to a vtec B series head to get the best of both worlds. It isn't easy though.
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