Best material/brand induction kit?

celica gt4 st205
I'm just wondering what people think are the best induction kit brands or materials, I sort of decided that I was going to go with itg but then I read elsewhere that foam is actually no good in terms of flow and filtration, next along for me would be apexi as I have heard a lot about them (and I had one on my previous car) so I do like them, so now I am just wondering if anybody has any more info on whether or not itg is a no go or whether there is better than apexi.
The current car is a celica gt4 st205 and has a tired looking hks mushroom filter.
Everyone has a favourite, just like car makes and tyres.

Look at another forum and someone will state that foam is the best thing since sliced bread :) Just because it is on the internet doesn't make it true. In fact, most of the tripe written about car tuning on the internet is just that, tripe.

I am using an ITG on my 520bhp engine.
yeah true anybody can say anything on the internet, kind of a big problem really. I guess its more of an experience thing that I'm just going to have to try out for myself.
think I might try it, I still have my suzuki swift so might just swap them over and see if there any noticeable difference in sound and power (power is unlikely but who knows)
Well experiments can prove to be very costly buddy, so the valued feedback of somebody who has experience in these things is good to know.

I will add, I have tried ITG, Simota and K&N, so far found K&N to be the better option on my car. But they all perform well on various cars, just depends on how fussy the engine is ;)
Yes I know but I already have an apexi and a hks foam filter so I could just do it with those two for now and then maybe look at the itg, im not doubting anybody's knowledge I'm just saying if I have a bit of first hand experience with it I can choose my own.
Yeah k&n is popular but it's just a bit of a strange one because again everyone has conflicting views so choosing a victor is a bit tough, I suppose a lot of k&n bad press is from people over oiling them.
HKS has a good reputation especially amongst Subaru, Nissan GTR and suchlike.
You can over oil any filter, I personally have done it to an ITG, easily done if you have never cleaned a filter before and oil it for the first time. Played merry hell with the MAF sensor, but I learned from my mistake.
Fair enough, might do what I mentioned earlier and switch the filters around to at least give me an idea of what differences I can expect.
So currently for me it's itg, k&n, apexi and hks.
My choice was made after talking to my race car and engine gurus. However, for road cars they will all work. The slight differences, as T9 alluded to, are only really noticeable when you push the filters to their limits, supplying air to highly tuned engines.
Yeah to be honest it won't be a highly tuned engine, at some point I will be putting the boost up a bit, probably around 14-16psi is apparently a safe level of boost, I know it won't make much of a difference in power but then there is filtration and sound.
They will all filter satisfactorily, so your choice is really the sound. Fortunately, I have grown out of that so the only criterion for me is performance :-)
Well at my current age of 19 I am very much interested in the sound ;)
I suppose since it is turbo there won't be an induction roar but it can change how much of the turbo spool you can hear which . Is . Just . Fantastic
Well at only 19yo I suspect any real modifications done to your car will attract an insurance premium that starts with the word "Ouch". :)
I can just about remember when noise was more important than performance......just :)

Who remembers fitting playing cards to their bikes?

I have to admit, however, that I still love the sound of a pair of 40/45 DCOEs or DHLAs on a Lotus twincam at full chat with no air box :) What I don't like is the 'all fart but no sh1t' noise a lot of 'modified' cars make.

But I am a wrinkly so allowed to reminisce and bemoan the youth of today :-)
Haha nice, I'm a bit more of a fan of slightly modern-ish stuff like 80s/90s (although I do still love classics) but for induction roar I would put down a Toyota 4age blacktop or a redtop with aftermarket ITB's, lovely stuff.
And again I am with you on that my mate has a Honda civic with a massive fart can on the back, he needs a good backhand :D
But don't forget performance and sound can and often do go hand in hand

Yeah I've heard a fair bit about BMC's might just add that to the list to have a look at
I like that it is an enclosed filter but there may be size issues for my car as there isn't a lot of room so I'll have to see what sizes they have available and measure up to see if they could fit
I'm led to believe ITG are very good. After all, they are used on the BTCC cars. I'll be putting one on mine in the next few months, they're just a bit pricey for mine sadly
Yeah I've heard quite a bit about them, I think either old or current wrc and f1 teams use them so they can't be bad and they are quite a popular choice with people running ITB's and twin carb setup
I had a look at the apexi filter on my swift and imo it's too small and they don't really have any leeway in terms of actual filter sizes so I guess apexi is out of the running.
1 down 4 to go :rofl:

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