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When you have to replace a head gasket do you go with the standard OEM ones or are there better alternative options around out there?
Standard engine - Doesn't need anythnig other than an OEM or pattern gasket. Why waste money?

Tuned engine - Depends on state of tune. Mild tune can still use standard gasket. However, once the cylinder pressures start to rise a more robust gasket is required, ranging from multi-layer to solid copper. Different engines of the same power may require different spec gaskets so best to ask around.
To use a MLS gasket requires a finer/smoother surface finish on the head and deck for the best result.
MLS gaskets are not needed for NA motors but highly recommended for boosted motors along with ARP head studs.

Solid copper gaskets are usually teamed with ss "O "rings to get the best seal.
I've had Cometic head gasket fitted in many tuned engines and no problems so far. Highly recommended!

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