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Hi guys at the moment i drive a 1996 Honda Accord 2.0 non vtec im happy with it so far haven't touched with any mods as of yet,was wondering the best way to go with the engine mod this one or replace with a vtec or turbo version engine. Are there any engines which are just a straight swap?
Which engine should i go for? I'm tempted by the Prelude engine but unsure whats involved with the swap modification wise.Any help at all would be great.:lol:
H22 mate. It was used as the Accord Type R engine so it'll be a prefect swap. You'll need to upgrade the brakes and suspension as well though mate. Preferably first (or at the same time).
The conversion really depends on how good your skills are mate and if you can get the equipment needed.

The engines are easy to find. A quick search on ebay reveals a fair few.

Start with suspension. Coilovers, front upper strut brace, rear upper and lower strut brace, anti-roll bars and poly bushes

Next the brakes. You can pretty much just take everything from the Accord Type R (hub, disc, calipers, master cylinder and servo). Uprate the pads and get some stainless steel brake lines.

Then comes the engine!

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