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Ive recently got a mk4 fiesta, its my first car that im able to mod so my first task is definatly the sound system. Ive got about £250 spare for it so im thinking of a ripspeed DVD 730B head unit £70, disconnecting the rear wheel arch speakers and fitting some dub dub 269 6x9's in the parcel for £50 and a 10inch Mutant MT10AS enclosed sub with amp as i need some space in the boot (£100). Ill need a fascia and wiring harnesses for the head unit which are about £20 so should bring it up to the full £250.

Just wondering what you think of this setup? Are there any better items you'd recommend? Will it all work together? Will the parcel shelf be able to cope with the 6x9's? etc...

I would post links to the stuff but im a new member and i read somewhere you have to have made so many posts before you can so ill leave it with yous for now but lemme no if you want them

A new head unit and replace the old speakers with better ones, Keeps the cost down and you still get good sounds without weighing you car down.. Too much heavy stuff like amps and subs will slow you down.. Particularly on smaller engines.

Depends what size the standard speakers are? I have replaced my tiny 4" front speakers with a set of 4" vibe slicks.. At the rear I have infinity 6" oval speakers (oval, but not as big as 6 / 9's) The head unit is a sony xplod 50 w x 4... Vibe £30 (brand new) Infinities. (£20 second hand) The most exspensive bit was the head unit I think you can get it for £99 now.

Sounds good at all volumes,
to begin with mate i wouldnt bother with the sub. spend the money on a decent 2 channel amp and run the 6x9s off that and spend a bit more on the headunit. Going by the ripspeed dvd player i take it your lookng at halfords for the stuff. see if you can get a bit of discount on one thats outgoing. i managed to get around £100 off my headunit as it was the last display model as they has stopped selling them as a newer model had came out.
theres no point on spending money on amps subs and speakers if the head units not going to give you the quality

Another idea if your following this advice might be spend a little extra on the amp and get a 4 channel amp, this way when you get a sub you can connect it up to the same amp
Id really just reiterate what has been said already. Get a really good quality head unit then add an amp and good speakers and add a woofer later if you feel that you need it. I think you will be suitably impressed with some good quality 6x9's

Have you found our ice articles yet?
Ok cheers, think ill jus get a head unit, 6x9s and an amp for the time being then, maybe some front door and tweeters if ive got enough left
I got myself (from Ebay) a motorized 4inch flip screen head unit; and it features,
Bluetooth (Music streaming and phone)
Accepts GPS signal,
Accepts rear camera signal (auto flip the view)
MP4 (all format including divx)
SD cards
hosts of other connections that it can be hooked to.

for £90.00 plus £40 installation.

Did not hooked anything into it yet, but thinking of two screen for kids in the back to watch TV or Movies. Also, a GPS unit (without screen) and install a TV antenna and possibly a rear view camera.
Kool, the one im looking at is a 3" built in DVD head unit with removable face plate which should come in handy on my street lol, 4x50w, dvd, mp3, wma, cd, jpeg compatable with a Sd card slot, ipod lead connection, 5 line out channels and av outputs for rear cameras & additional monitors.

Its a refurbished model but comes with a 12month warranty for £70 which i think is pretty decent, it also comes with an option of £20 fitting. Ive fit a new radio in my mamsand girlfriends car so i think i should be able to do it myself but those 2 were just standard swaps, my car requires a fascia adaptor which when i looked in the haynes manual about replacing fascia's it involved faffing about with airbags and stuff which would probably be best left to a pro, but im not sure if a fascia adaptor is different an will just fit in? Also with dvd units you have to wire them up to the handbrake right? Is this pretty straightforward?
Don't know about replacing facia, mine was standard DIN size, so it just slotted in. I know I could have done that myself, but the car had 6 CD Auto Changer, he removed this and installed the new one and also the microphone for the phone has to be routed to the visor. He did pretty good job and no wires insight. Now if only I can find a neat TV antenna :D
Also with dvd units you have to wire them up to the handbrake right? Is this pretty straightforward?
The reason you need to wire them to the handbrake is to earth it when the handbrake is applied, so you cant watch dvd's when the car is moving. The easiest way round this is to earth it constantly.
ditto thats what i did with my moniter, both the black and , normally green but check, went to ground. becareful though it can fail an MOT like this is the testers too picky
ive bort a sony xplode 52/4 head and also a set of pionner 130 watt door speakers is the head powerfull enough 2 power another set of door speakers can any1 answer me this ? please hel cheerz
yeah itll power another set no problem.
the amp (built into the Head unit) is a 4 channel one which can supply 52 w per channel. doesnt matter that youve got 130w speakers theyll be supplied what ever the head gives them.

are you on about fitting another front set or a rear set.
if your looking for a bit of extra dimention of bass you might want to take a look at the pioneer TS-SW841D sub.
its a lightweight 20cm sub which can be powered to 500watt.

a link is

im thinking of getting one for my car as there not too much money and look pretty neat plus they dont weigh much atall, they also do a 1400watt version thats 30cm and 8.2cm deep

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