Basic Track Day Essentials?

Oil and other fluids for one.
A few tools just basic stuff for jobs that you'd be able to do at the side of the road for example.
Make sure your brake pads and tyres are in good condition with plenty of life left in them.
Brakes first Brakes second and Brakes third

Then make sure your car has been checked properly and is in good running order and the tyres are suitable .

Oil and water levels are important but IMHO brakes are no 1 because people generally dont realise how quick standard brakes can fade on a track...........sometimes with disaterous consequences.
Ummm, if you look further down there's a whole list of stuff to take too.
Spare wheel, jack, torque wrench, toe eye, lid and something to do your boost pipes back up with if they pop off. That's literally all I'm taking everywhere, and that's all you should need if the cars in good health. Why you'd need to take fluids I'll never know unless your cars shagged and uses a lot of oil or water.
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