Bad oil leak or consumption


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99 Honda Prelude
What's up all been having this problem for a little while now. My car is losing a quart of oil every two hundred miles or so depending on how hot the day is and how fast its driven. I also have change almost every gasket and o ring that would possibly be causing the problem I think the only thing I haven't touched is the oil pan gasket. I also asked Honda dealership about it and they looked couldn't find any leaks but advised me to change oil type. First I tried 5 w 20 which just made it worse like I thought. Then I tried 10w 30 its not as bad but still am losing about a quart after every fill up. Also I'm just now trying Lucas stop leak in it but guess well see how much it'll help if any. If anyone has any advise on this matter or any suggestion s I'd greatly appreciate it.
Piston rings may be on there way out if that's the case? As there wont be any sign of leakage. However, does the car feel sluggish and is there any white smoke coming from the exhaust? Even when warm?
Ya I head piston rings too from another person on the side. But when I change my last lil o ring I seen some oil around the oil pan so I may still try that soon n see how that goes. But ya it does bog down n feel sluggish at time from a dead stop taking off only on occasion tho not constantly u know. And yes I've heard others say I have white smoke when I get on it some also in the am from cold start a lil white smoke comes out but I figured a lot of that was due to dew and moisture in the am u know but I dk for sure anyways I don't really understand that Lucas oil stop leak stuff it'll slow down the leak at first but after about a tank of gas it'll be about a quart every tank that I need to add. I'll keep y'all updated after I change the oil pan gasket tho n see if itll help some.
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