AWW head on an AMU block?


Manchester, MD
2001 Audi TT 225hp
Hi, I am new to the TT world. I just purchased a 2001 (74k miles) with the AMU engine. The timing cover and trunk label indicate AMU but the engine head is stamped with the letters AWW. Could an AWW head be installed on this engine? If so, would performance suffer? I would appreciate any advice, the Audi dealer does not seem to have a clue. Thanks!
Hey and welcome

most dealers are completely clueless in the VAG world.

the heads could well be interchangable providing they are both small valve vvt heads. might be worth giving the guys at awesome gti a should as they are just outside manchester
the AWW head is from my former car 2001 jetta-bora 1.8 T the AMU as you know come from the 01 225Q TT which happens to be my new baby, its a 37xxx mile beautifil black roadster! theres tuners in maryland as well as my favorite APTuning in Lebanon PA, they are sharp, great tranny rebuild on my O2J 5 spd, they race as well and are very knowlegable

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