Aussie 206 RC


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Peugeot 206 RC
Morning peeps,
I have an Aegean Blue 2006 206 GTI 180, Australian delivered.
modified with k&n typhoon intake, remapped ECU (110kw@wheels), BTCC grp N exhaust from the block, AP Racing clutch, Brembo brakes front, larger slotted disks all round, EBC Red Metallic race pads, OZ Racing Ultrallegerra 17in rims, 8000K Phillips HiD kit top and bottom, AST Sportline I Susp. with AST Camber tops and Adjustable castor rods. Ipod cable on factory stereo.

As Ill be using the car for Targa Tasmania, i have a few more bits to add to the car, hence im on this site to try to find these parts.
Car still needs roll cage, carbon front splitters, complete engine rebuild with stronger internals, ill replace the K&n with trumpets, obviously add big seats with wrap around wings and Willens harnesses, under body sump guard, i may change the lsd to a 2.0 and im sure i need a few other bits n pieces.

Cheers from Brisneyland :cheesy:


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I take it this is a proper race series?

just read the page and it looks like an epic challenge and one I would love to drive that, but I live too far away...

Anyways, have you considered going turbo for all the trouble of having the engine rebuilt? Theres plenty of mods for these.

Talk to DP engineering in Holland and they will be able to get you what you need for the conversion.