Audi TT

Hairdresser cars is the more copmmon term near my area. But they do make a 3.2 V6 Quattro model which is pretty meaty.
base model is 150bhp 1.8t going up to a 240bhp 1.8t then theres the 3.2 which was 240in early incarnation and 250 in the later.

dont think quattro was fitted to anything less than the 210bhp varients
The base models were underpowered. All the higher powered ones are a blast. I quite like them, the new TT styling is better than the mk1 which looks a bit too much like a VW Beetle for me to be comfortable with.

In black with red leather I think you have the best colour combination out. They are actually very easy to drive and are pretty comfortable for their "sporty" image.

It is farily easy to extract more power and turn it into a more serious sports car.
just a download and the 225 quattro is close to 270 hp + tq getting better mpg than the 3.2, i had 199xxx miles on my 01 jetta 1.8T when sold still 20" vac an excellent mod friendly engine!!!!

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